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Today cryptocurrency has turned from a simple unit of accountto a powerful investment tool

Profitability and high volatility (the range of exchange rate fluctuations) of cryptocurrency were very important when HDFC BANK Crypto Investments was choosing its field of activity. HDFC BANK Crypto Investments founded its cryptocurrency division in the beginning of 2018 by the group of experts in digital currency. Before that they worked individually on the same platform, buying and selling cryptocurrency. We joined our efforts and capital to create a company, which is to work with cloud mining and trading on a commercial scale. Cloud mining is a unique method of getting cryptocurrency. It`s characterized by minimum risks, but requires rather heavy expenses on buying necessary equipment, development of special software, support and service.


In HDFC BANK Crypto Investments our strategy its very simple, we want to combine our trading skills and experience with your investments, this way we can create a huge trading whale and take control of some popular altcoins in market. This will allow us to choose wich altcoin is trending according to our AI platform, since that is where the big money is. Each trader in our group has more than 5 years of trading experience and successful trading records, as we know that is the exact point that support our company stability and profitability.

We do the trading at the minimum trade size of 0.001 BTC, from which you can learn how to work and invest in the trade and help you to make sure whether HDFC BANK Crypto Investments is your best investing partner. For now you can invest in Bitcoin only. Later we will add more currencies but your deposits and withdrawals must be in the same currency.

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Grow business and confirm 3000 active members

This year our target is to make popular our business on Investment market & Confirm minimum 3000 active members.

Develop and test our trading apps before releasing to public worldwide.

2019 is best year for upgrade our business. September 2019 we appoint to finish all software requirements to promote in real time our trading signals service giving you the best service in market.

Open our new Trading Signals bussines

We want to start with a small fee of 500 usd per year for those traders who are not investors in our platform, and for our beloved customers the trading signals service will only cost 5 usd per month. We want to reward you as pioneers in our brand new company, that is why you deserve the best effort from us.

Launch our own e-wallet system

We are planning to provide our customers with the best experience and services, therefore we will create our own e-wallet along with a debit card valid worldwide. With this Mastercard option our customers will be able to withdraw or pay directly in any currency.

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